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jQuery Conference ’09

the main room @ jQuery Conference

Last weekend I went up to Cambridge, MA for the ’09 jQuery Conference. Two days of great jQuery/JavaScript goodness! I gotta say that was the best conference I’ve been to in awhile.

There were a couple presentations I had to skip but the breakout sessions more then made up for them. All in all I took home some great tips & tricks for Continued…

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Setting up a JavaScript Build Process

It’s important to have a build process for complex JavaScript applications. Probably not something you would setup for an average website. JavaScript builds are better suited for web applications & script libraries. As Julien Lecomte said in his article about building web applications with Ant:

Such applications cannot efficiently be developed without relying on a solid build process to do all the dirty and repetitive work of reliably putting all the pieces together.

So its about time you setup your own build process. Julien’s blog post is great but I’m gonna start with the basics and try to give you all the info you need to get up and running asap. Everything fromorganizing the directories right down to the commands to run the build. This will help you get going with something you can build on (no pun intended!).

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New design!

I finally got around to updating the theme for this blog. The last theme was nice but it had too many bugs and didn’t fit well with the content. I think this design is a nice fit and I like the code behind it.

There were some minor issues and probably more to come but all in all I’m happy with this new design. I plan on adding more features and content to this site so stay tuned.

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PureJSTemplate – A pure javascript templating engine for jQuery

Most templating languages suck

Ok, if your like me then you hate all templating langauges- they suck, they really suck. I hate them because I hate the rules they enforce upon me, they are slow, and they slow me down. Because of this, usually I end up making code that looks like this:


function display(data) {
   var output = "<div>" + data.text + "</div>";

How horrible is that? That’s probably worse than using a bad templating langauge.

Well, after disappointments with other jQuery templating plugins, I decided to make my own Continued…

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GWT + Grizzly + Comet

Ok, so you’re probably looking for a simple example of GWT + Grizzly + Comet. Jean Francois and his buddies at JavaOne screwed us with their vague PDF. Bastards! I gotta say this, though, Jean was right, its not too hard to figure out.

This implementation uses XHR long polling, glassfishv2.ur2 and grizzly comet 1.0.9.

The problem: RemoteServiceServlet

GWT loves POST. All RPC calls made back to your subclass of RemoteServiceServlet will hit the doPost method. However, this method is final and cannot be overridden – meaning we cannot create a comet handler for the request in our subclass of RemoteServiceServlet. We want to continue using RPC but we don’t want to use RemoteServiceServlet. WTF?

The solution: SimpleServiceServlet

Pretty much the RemoteServiceServlet is too secretive. So I Continued…

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Adobe Air 1.0 Released today

Adobe has officially released Air 1.0 today. I must have been under a rock somewhere. I didn’t expect this product to be out of beta anytime soon. Guess I was to busy going crazy about other products (*cough*… Jaxer).

Its a great time to be a Javascript developer (aka a JavaScriptr). So many things going on.

Find out more about Adobe Air here. Happy Scripting!

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Aptana Jaxer can change the game!

What is Aptana? What is Jaxer? What does this have to do with JavaScript? Let me fill you in if you never heard these two words in the JavaScript community before.

First, what is Aptana?
Aptana Inc. is a company founded by Paul Colton back in 2005 (Paul created JRun back in the day). The company’s first product Continued…

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